Studio B day rate is $850.00 per day. Standard day is 10am-6pm an 8 hour day (The client supplies a competent studio engineer to run the session)

  • Sonically accurate, spacious & private control room

  • Protools 8.x with Digidesign 003 rack interface

  • Yamaha 03D Digital Console with digital link to Protools

  • API Class A Microphone Pre-Amp & DBX 160A compressor

  • ADK A-51TC Large diaphram tube condenser microphone

  • Acoustically treated spacious booths

  • Steven Slate Drums Platinum / Drumagog 5.x

  • Event 20/20 Bas Powered Studio Monitors

  • M-Audio Axiom 25 Midi Controller with 8 drum pads

  • Headphone Amplifier and 2 pairs of quality Headphones

  • Super quiet air control

  • Professional location with access to great restaurants

  • Utility mics such as Shure SM-57s & 58s available upon request